Ubungalows empowers stylists to own a salon without the headaches.
butterfly loft,
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Ubungalows empowers exceptional stylists to experience the joys of salon ownership without the headaches and overhead. Ubungalows is a collection of private salon suites created by David Thurston and Alexis Thurston, the owners of Butterfly Loft Salon and Spa.

Stylists are provided a self-contained, move-in-ready salon bungalow, each designed differently, with unique cabinetry, countertops, chandeliers, etc. They operate their salons the way they want; they name their salon, control their own music and temperature, decorate their salon, make their own rules, keep 100% of the profits, etc.

Ubungalows was created in response to the growing salon suites movement. While David and Alexis love the concept and applaud the success of the first salon suite companies, they believe there is room for improvement, for example..

1.) Design: Ubungalows employs taste, high design, and premium materials to inspire a stylist’s creativity and pride of ownership, while also becoming a destination clients are attracted to.

2.) Perfect, Cutting-edge Engineering: The owners used their experience along with the expertise of specialty engineers to perfect the bones of a salon suite, including the lighting scheme, air conditioning, ergonomic layout, and more.

3.) Heart: Increasing revenue and keeping costs at a bare minimum is important for any business, but there is another critical component… heart. Stylists are valued as unique and talented family members. Ownership is available, approachable, and responsive to needs, and time and money is budgeted for fun and inspiring team-building events, parties, education, and more. At Ubungalows, it’s not the cold, landlord/tenant apartment-type relationships outside business people use to run the typical salon suites companies.

David explains what makes Ubungalows different, “While many of the companies are bragging about being the ‘biggest’ franchise chain, we’re more concerned with being the ‘best’ salon. While Ubungalows provides stylists with ownership control, it’s aim is to also provide the opportunities that come from being affiliated with one of the most well-respected salons in the country, Butterfly Loft, including top-notch education, events and parties, collaboration opportunities, marketing, exposure, etc.